Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics

Our Medical Spa in Lindale is pleased to offer permanent cosmetics and 3d medical nipple tattooing by our certified Permanent Makeup Tattoo Artist, Sandy Hendricks.  Sandy is a true artist and dedicated to the perfection of giving you just the look you are desiring.

Sandy became a Permanent Cosmetic tattooist in 2012 after becoming a successful Massage Therapist for many years.  She was led to her new career from a passion to help others as she specializes in 3D areola and nipple repigmentation to help women who have undergone single or bilateral breast removal surgery.   This is life changing procedure for women have had to suffer the loss of a nipple due to surgery.  

Sandy also is tremendously talented in permanent eyeliner and eyebrows with an eye for perfection.  In addition to these services, she is also a laser technician for the med spa.


It is time to throw away your eye pencil and wake up looking "put together" with permanent eyeliner.  Sandy consults with you to meet your needs while keeping the look beautiful and natural.


Did you over tweeze in the past or have sparse eyebrows?  Are you tired of filling in your brows EVERY DAY?  Sandy will select the perfect shade and map out your face to ensure that your new brows correctly frame your face making you feel more confident plus getting ready in the morning will be a breeze!

3d Nipple/Areola Regimentation

When it comes to breast reconstruction, nipple and areola enhancement is typically the final step.  This treatment is a form of 3D micro-pigmentation (cosmetic tattooing).  This service recreates the look of a natural areola/nipple after mastectomy (breast removal) or other forms of surgery.


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