PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

PRP Hair Restoration

If you’re bothered by hair loss but not interested in surgical hair transplants or hair growth drugs, you may be an ideal candidate for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration treatments.

PRP is a concentrated portion of your very own blood, which we draw here in the comfort of our medical spa within a few short minutes.

PRP is packed with growth factors and healing properties to help:

  • Stimulate new hair growth without drugs or surgery
  • Thicken and strengthen existing hair
  • Reawaken dormant hair follicles
  • Reveal a full head of hair naturally, with your very own body!

FAQs: PRP hair restoration

What happens during a PRP hair restoration treatment?
PRP hair restoration treatments are a non-surgical, no-downtime way of stimulating hair growth. This treatment involves a small amount of blood being drawn from you and then being spun in a centrifuge to increase the concentration of platelets. This simple process takes only minutes in our medical spa. After the concentration has been increased, the blood will be injected into the scalp.
How exactly does PRP hair restoration work?
PRP contains various proteins that are essential for the regeneration of tissue, and by injecting it into the scalp, it primes follicles for the growth of new hair.
Does PRP hair restoration have any downtime?
No. You’ll be able resume your regular daily schedule immediately following your treatment.
What are the side effects of PRP hair restoration?
With any injection, there is risk of soreness, redness, swelling and pinpoint bleeding. You may decide to wear a hat after your treatment to cover any side effects that are noticeable. PRP hair restoration is a well-tolerated treatment. Any side effects dissipate quickly in the hours to days following your session.
How many PRP hair restoration sessions will I need?
PRP hair restoration provides optimal results with a series of at least six treatments, spaced every month or so, depending on your unique needs and goals. We will work closely with you to devise the ideal PRP regimen to meet your exact goals.
How long will my PRP hair restoration results last?
PRP benefits can last up to a year. We recommend undergoing periodic maintenance treatments to maintain your benefits over the long term.
Is PRP hair restoration right for me?
Since PRP is made from your very own body and has little to no risk, there’s a good chance it’s a suitable hair loss solution for you. We will help you discover your ideal hair loss treatment during your personal consultation. Keep in mind that we offer a wide menu of hair loss solutions, including SmartGraft, Advanced Hair Complex by AQ Skin Solutions, low-level light therapy and stem cell hair restoration.